Why did we create Cobbl?

Cobbl started as a platform to gather everyone’s content in one place. Whether for a group trip or an event, one person creates a Cobbl board and then everyone posts to this board. And everyone can enjoy the beautiful collaborative image board without even being registered on Cobbl. The board link can even be sent to others, extended family, grandparents, far off friends, … so they can enjoy as well. No app to download, no registration required, and no cost!

Cobbl still has all these great basic qualities, but it has so much more, including powerful sharing features, image enhancement tags (description and links), content moderation,… One of the most comforting aspects about Cobbl is that users are in complete control of their Cobbl boards. In fact, every new Cobbl board that is created defaults to Private mode. This is easy to modify but we want users to be confident that they are in charge of their own boards.

We hope you enjoy Cobbl and we would love to hear your feedback on the Community Forum. Join Cobbl and collaborate with others on your own beautiful image boards!

And it is still FREE!