Welcome to SPBS Cobbl Support Page

It’s always a challenge to get all the pictures for the yearbook and website and to make sure we have all the students represented.

This year, SPBS will be using an SPBS Cobbl image board to collect images for our website and yearbook. Everyone can contribute pictures to the board while selected parents will organize pictures and ensure that every student is represented. No account is needed and there are no fees associated with using Cobbl.com

This page will give you information you need to upload the pictures on both your smartphone or from your desktop. The links along the side provide additional information for using Cobbl. Thanks for your help!


On your iPhone or Android or tablet:

1. Take pictures on your smartphone.


2. Open your favorite web browser app.

On the iPhone most users use Safari although other apps work too.

On Android, users will find Google Chrome or Firefox most reliable

3. Navigate to http://cobbl.com/SPBS


4. Click Add Content


5. Located then select the pictures

When you take pictures on iPhone or Android they are most often stored in your gallery.  Look there for recently taken pictures.

6. Click Post after the pictures have loaded in the upload window


That’s It!

Images are sent to the board and must be approved for posting so give it a few minutes to appear.