New Features: Batch Processing and Image Copying

We’re releasing exciting and unique features this week!

Here’s what we’ve done:

Added features in MyContent. We’ve added new features to make it easier to manage all your content. Take a look and let us know what you think.


Copy images to other boards. Ever wondered how to sort that shoebox of images? Or just wanted to create a sub-section of images to display but not loose track of any images? We have the solution: Just copy the images you’d like to a new Cobbl board. You’ll have all the functionality you had in the prior board and the copied image is readily accessible. Just rollover any image in MyContent and you’ll see new buttons.

  1. Click the Show button for the new Copy feature.


2. Select which boards you want the image to appear in.

Organizing Images
Organize your images here. Choose which Cobbl Board to Add Images.

Delete and Copy Multiple Images! This has been on our hot list for a while. The challenge was that in a collaborative environment like Cobbl, image mManagement requires us to be much more careful. And since we pledge to make things easy, we had to work through design and coding iteration multiple times (a lot more than normal, let’s put it that way). In fact, the coders started to get a bit tired of it but to their credit continued to push forward. Thanks to Martin Prunell and Rob Curtis for this one! Click the Copy Multiple Files button and you’ll be on your way to editing, um, multiple files!

Organizations We are building controls and features for organizations to manage photos across multiple events and photographers and smartphones! This is complicated but we have these features in-place going through some testing. If you’re interested in these features, please contact us.