What is the Branding Block?

You can add special customization to your Cobbl Board in the Branding Block. The Branding Block is optional, but if present will always be located at the top left of your board. Access Branding Block Details View either through the Settings menu or  by clicking edit directly in the Branding Block. If you initially choose not to have a Branding Block, then you can always add it later by going to Board Branding selection in Setting Menu.


You can include an image and/or text into the Branding Block. Common uses for the image are to add a logo or representative photo for your board. You can use the text for whatever you like. Common uses for text are:

  • email address and URL for you board
  • website addresses
  • information about your board and what you would like posted
  • contact info
Example Branding Block
New Board Branding Block
Branding Block Details View


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