What are Posting Permissions?

Posting Permissions allow you to control who gets to add content to your board. Using these settings you determine who can add content: Anyone with Link or Only People I Invite.

When you set Anyone with Link, then essentially ANYONE can add content including anonymous users who are not logged in. Of course, they’d have to find your board in some way before they could post. The board might not be listed in the public board section and it may not be searchable by Google, but anyone who can view your board will be able to add content. So, PLEASE TURN ON MODERATION, when choosing this setting. (Please reread that!).

If you don’t want anyone to post content to your board, then choose Only People I Invite. In that case, only those who are registered users and who have logged into the site can post.

Here’s how we think of it:

Posting Permission
Anyone with Link Only People I Invite
Anonymous User Yes No
Logged In User No Yes
How they get link Somebody sends the link to a friend Must be invited in Cobbl
Should I Moderate? Recommended Good practice


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