What Are Board Permissions?

There are two types of Board Permissions: 1) Viewing Permissions – who can view my board and 2) Posting Permissions – who can post content to my board. Access Board Permissions via Settings menu, “Viewing And Posting Permissions” from either the Board View or Wall View.



Three options for Viewing Permissions:

  1. Public – Public viewing means that anyone can view your board. Your board may be displayed on Cobbl Public Walls and Google search may find your board.
  2. Anyone With The Link – Also known as Secret. A board set with this Viewing Permission will not be displayed on any Cobbl Public Wall. This is a popular Cobbl Board Viewing Permission since it is easy to share the board link by email with others and viewers do not need to be registered Cobbl Users to view the board. Please note that once you distribute the Board Link, that you have no control over who else may get this link.
  3. Private – A Private Board will never be displayed on a Cobbl Public Wall. Viewers must be invited to your board and they must be Cobbl Registered Users. When you invite others to view your Private Board, they will receive an email notifying them of your invite. If they are not Registered Cobbl Users already, they will first have to register in order to view you board. With Private Viewing Permissions you have total control over who can see your board. These Viewing Permissions may be revoked.

Posting Permissions options are dependent on the status of the Viewing Permissions:

  1. Public Viewing Permissions
    • Anyone – Anyone can View this board and now anyone can post to this board. Popular Board Permissions for promotional purposes. Even those this is the most wide open Board Permissions combination you can still Moderate content posted to your board before it is displayed.
    • Only People I Invite – Anyone can View this board, but only people you invite may post. Also popular Board Permissions for promotional purposes, but you now have control over exactly who can post.
  2. Anyone With The Link Viewing Permissions (Secret)
    • Anyone With Link – Anyone who has your Board Link will be able to post content to your board, whether Registered Cobbl User or not.
    • Only People I Invite – Anyone With Link can View this board, but only people you invite may post. To post invitees must be Registered Cobbl Users.
  3. Private Viewing Permissions
    • Only People I Invite – Since the Board Viewing Permissions is Private only only people you invite may post. To post invitees must be Registered Cobbl Users.

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