How Do I Add Images, Text, and Video

There are a few ways to add images, text, and video, what Cobbl calls Content.

Option 1

  1. When viewing a board, click the Add Content button

Add Content - for help file

2. Follow the instructions to Browse for content on your computer or your mobile device, then click Add Content.

3. The content will be uploaded.


What if you don’t see the Add Content button? That means you do not have rights to post to the board. Contact the board owner.  The board owner will need to set the privacy settings to Allow Anyone to Post. If the board owner wants to keep the board private and has sent you an invite, then you will need to login with the email used in the invite.

This sounds confusing so let’s say it a different way:  The owner can setup a board so that anyone who has a link to the board can also post content. OR, the owner can keep a board private and allow only a few people to view or post to a board. In that case, the owner sends invites using the Cobbl Invite Others feature and those who are invited must have an account and be logged in.

Option 2

1. If you know the board shortcode, you can send images as attachments via email. For example, if the owner has told you that the board shortcode is 8thGradeGuilfordHigh then you can attach the images to an email that you send to

There are limits to posting images via email: You can post only 9 pictures at a time and the maximum is 5 MB for each picture.


Option 3

Get the Cobbl app. It’s in testing and the basic version will always be free. Send us an email.

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