Mobile Apps,Performance, and Power Edit Tools

Coming Very Soon:

  1. iPhone and Android apps. We have a few hurdles to place the app in Apple Store and the Android version needs a few tweeks but it is going according to plan. If you’d like to help with testing, that would be fabulous! We’d love it. Send us an email and we’ll add you to the private list. You’ll need to be on that list to install the app.
  2. Performance improved! We’ve spent the last six months going through performance improvements and we are very pleased with what we have. HUGE improvements and a ton of work. But that’s the price of a good app rather than throwing something together quickly that you wish you didn’t need to use.
  3. Power Edit Tools! Life is but a dream when you can organize your images with ease. Put them in different collections, allow different groups to use different sets of images. Oh yes. It’s entering testing and because it’s a rather complicated user interface, we’re 2-3 weeks away from an official release.