Cobbl ImageCasting™ is Here!

Ready to give your fans and customers their 15 minutes of Fame?

Cobbl ImageCasting™makes it easy to instantly delivery images from camera to big screen. Here’s how it works.

  1. Your fans take pictures and upload them to your Cobbl board.
    • This is super easy. Make the board Public or give access via special links, or
    • Give them the email address
  2. Customers send their pictures to the Cobbl board.
  3. The Cobbl board shown on the big screen takes those pictures and puts them on the screen!
    • We use special sauce to make sure that the images appear on the big screen quickly but don’t overwhelm the other items in your show.
  4. Your fans will stay glued to the big screen! 

Why do you want that? Well, for starters you can post your own advertisements and get more eyeballs on them that probably are reading your snailmail or email newsletter. And there’s more! Contact us and we’ll help you drive traffic from your event to other websites, to your business, and to your sponsors!