Cobbl ImageCasting™ is Here!

Ready to give your fans and customers their 15 minutes of Fame? Cobbl ImageCasting™makes it easy to instantly delivery images from camera to big screen. Here’s how it works. Your fans take pictures and upload them to your Cobbl board. This is super easy. Make the board Public or give access via special […]

Cobbl Co-op Advertising Available

We are now offering to support your Cobbl boards through co-op advertising. Put your board name on your information and get paid by Cobbl. How much depends upon your website visibility but everybody can get something up to $150 per month! Wow! (OK, those are the big websites with […]

Why did we create Cobbl?

Cobbl started as a platform to gather everyone’s content in one place. Whether for a group trip or an event, one person creates a Cobbl board and then everyone posts to this board. And everyone can enjoy the beautiful collaborative image board without even being registered on Cobbl. The board link can […]