Remove Content from My Board

As the Board Owner or Admin, you can remove or delete any content on your board. Simply click the image you want to remove. Then from the Single Image View you can select Remove From Board. The remove media item remains in your “My Content” view, but you are the […]

Do I Have to Log In to View Boards?

No. From the Cobbl Home Page, select Explore Cobbl Boards at the top. This will take you to a Wall View of Public Cobbl Boards and then you can view and share these boards. If a public board permission is set to ‘Anyone Can View and Post’, then you can […]

Why did we create Cobbl?

Cobbl started as a platform to gather everyone’s content in one place. Whether for a group trip or an event, one person creates a Cobbl board and then everyone posts to this board. And everyone can enjoy the beautiful collaborative image board without even being registered on Cobbl. The board link can […]

When and How am I Notified?

You will received notifications for any of these instances: a new post is made to your board someone follows or shares your board someone shares a single media item You will see notifications when you are logged in, in the far right hand side of the header. Click the Notifications […]

Support Pages

Cobbl Support and Documentation can be accessed from the Cobbl Header Menu. Once in the support section you can access all help and documentation pages, including: About Cobbl Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Community Forum Community Discussion Feature Requests Blog FAQ

Boards Icon Menu

Boards Icon is located at the right of the main header. Click this for the Boards Icon Menu. My Boards – Wall View showing the Cobbl Boards you created. My Content – My Content View showing all of the content on your Cobbl Boards. Boards I Follow – Wall View […]

Can I Use Facebook as a Source of Content?

No, but this is coming very soon. Yes! First connect your Facebook account in your Cobbl Profile. The next time you Add Content you will see your Facebook albums. Select the albums you want to access and then upload images. This is a great way to get pictures into your Cobbl Board.If […]

Can I Use Instagram as a Source of Content?

Yes. In the Board Details view under Settings, enter the Instagram hashtag of interest. Cobbl will display images from this Instagram hashtag. You are not directly posting, but using your Instagram feed to see your pictures on your Cobbl Board.

Single Image View

Single Image View can be accessed from the Board View or My Content View. Click on any content (image, video, or text block) and you will be presented the Single Image View. Here you will be presented a larger view of the image you clicked plus other information. You will […]