What is Cobbl?

Cobbl is optimized for collaborating with fans, friends, and customers on content (photos, videos, and text) that are gathered to your Cobbl board. You can create any number of Cobbl boards for categories that you choose, ranging from occasions in your life (weddings, birthdays, trips, …) to major events (concerts, charity outings, marathons, …) and even your business (products, services, specials, …), anything you can imagine.

It is easy to start Cobbling. Just register, login, and begin creating your first board. Cobbl is free to use and no credit card is required. You are in total control of your board – who can view, who can post content, and you can even control what is seen using Cobbl Moderation. With moderation you determine if content posted by others is viewable prior to your approval. You and your collaborators can easily upload content from computers, tablets or phones.

Sharing boards is one of the most popular features of Cobbl. Sharing is easy. Connect your Facebook account to Cobbl and then you can directly share your board with your Facebook friends. You can invite others directly to your board my linking their email addresses to your board. Each board has a pretty name or shortcode which is the final portion of the board URL. You can set this yourself so it is meaningful and easy to remember, and you can share this link with whomever you like. If your board shortcode was ‘myawesomeboard’, then the board URL would be cobble.com/myawesomeboard. When sharing the board link, be sure to set viewing privileges on your board to ‘Anyone With Link’.

Board Branding is another great customizable feature. The board branding block is optional, but if present always resides at the top left corner of the board. Here you can show a logo of your business, your own making, event, or organization. You can also add text to the branding block to describe or provide whatever info you like. Popular uses for this description include:

  • email address and URL for you board
  • website addresses
  • information about your board and what you would like posted
  • contact info

Board branding is just one more specialized feature of Cobbl that you completely control.

Another awesome way to engage others is by Enhancing Content. Enhance content on your board with text descriptions and/or website links. These appear whenever a viewer places their cursor over content and can be viewed in entirety in the single image view. The link is live on both the board and single image view. Links can be to your own website, other informational websites, or even to another Cobbl board. Again, you are in total control of your board and Enhancing Content is just one more powerful Cobbl feature that you can easily put to good use.

Cobbl not only is free, easy to use, and builds beautiful collaborative image boards, it can be enjoyed by users who are not even registered with Cobbl. That’s right – you can set up a board just before an event, distribute the board’s link and email address, and your event participants can upload selfies and enjoy everyone’s photos immediately without downloading an app or even registering.

Cobbl is an engaging platform.